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April 15 2018

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put together a little art vs. artist board, ft. a lot of pieces i haven’t posted on here yet/stuff i’ve done for school lol 

enjoy \o/✨✨

howdy doo yall im not ded! and also i still draw!!! except like half the time its for school projects lmao but yeah take this as a sort of mini update on the state of affairs with The Waffle, in that i’m doin all right, just been busy and now im wrapping up my last five weeks before i graduate 8′D will probably update this blog a little more once im done with school but for now enjoy this little preview sampler \o/

July 14 2017

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felt like changing my url (while still keeping this one lel) so if yall want to keep up with my shenanigans you can now find me here :P

July 12 2017

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This was a tutorial funded by the Patreon folks~!  They have a new one coming soon so I thought I’d put this one up for everyone. :3

July 11 2017








Trying to draw buildings


yo here’s a useful tip from your fellow art ho cynellis… use google sketchup to create a model of the room/building/town you’re trying to draw… then take a screenshot & use it as a reference! It’s simple & fun!


Sketchup is incredibly helpful. I can’t recommend it enough.


There’s a 3D model warehouse where you can download all kinds of stuff so you don’t have to build everything from scratch.

reblog to save a life

This is an incomplete tutorial, and it drives me crazy every time I see it come around.

We live in a pretty great digital age and we have access to a ton of amazing tools that artists in past generations couldn’t even dream of, but a lot of people look at a cool trick and only learn half of the process of using it.

Here’s the missing part of this tutorial:

How do you populate your backgrounds?

Well, here’s the answer:

If the focus is the environment, you must show a person in relation to that environment.

The examples above are great because they show how to use the software itself, but each one just kind of “plops” the character in front of their finished product with no regard of the person’s relation to their environment.


How do you fix this?

Well, here’s the simplest solution:


This is a popular trick used by professional storyboard and comic artists alike when they’re quickly planning compositions. It’s simple and it requires you to do some planning before you sit down to crank out that polished, final version of your work, but it will be the difference between a background and an environment.


From Blacksad (artist: Juanjo Guarnido)


From Hellboy (Mike Mignola)

Even if your draftsmanship isn’t that great (like mine), people can be more immersed in the story you tell if you just make it feel like there is a world that exists completely separate from the one in which they currently reside – not just making a backdrop the characters stand in front of.

Your creations live in a unique world, and it is as much a character as any other member of the cast. Make it as believable as they are.

Great comments and tutorials!

I’m a 3d artist and have been exploring the possibilities of using 3d as reference for 2d poses. I want to add a couple of tips and things!

Sketchup is very useful for environment references, and I assume it’s reasonably easy to learn. If you’re interested in going above and beyond, I highly recommend learning a proper 3d modeling program to help with art, especially because you can very easily populate a scene or location with characters!

Using 3ds Max I can pretty quickly construct an environment for reference. But going beyond that, I can also pose a pretty simple ‘CAT’ armature (known in 3d as a rig) straight into the scene, which can be totally customized, from various limbs, tails, wings, whatever, to proportions, and also can be modeled onto and expanded upon (for an example, you could 3d sculpt a head reference for your character and then attach it to the CAT rig, so you have a reference for complex face angles!)

The armature can also be posed incredibly easily. I know programs exist for stuff like this - Manga Studio, Design Doll - but posing characters in these programs is always an exercise in frustration and very fiddly imo. A simple 3d rig is impossibly easy to pose.

By creating an environment and dropping my character rig into it, I have an excellent point of reference when it comes to drawing the scene!

Not only that, but I can also view the scene from whatever angle I could ever want or need, including the character and their pose/position relative to the environment.

We can even quickly and easily expand this scene to include more characters!

Proper 3d modeling software is immensely powerful, and if you wanted to, you could model a complex environment that occurs regularly in your comic or illustration work (say, a castle interior, or an outdoor forest environment) and populate the scene with as many perspective-grounded characters as you need!

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Bunch of kitties ♥

July 09 2017

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CS Productions is now open for commissions! Check out the sheets above or click here for the images and additional info.

hey howdy hey yall i take commissions now :o

July 06 2017

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July 01 2017

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RIP Samurai Jack. He never scored.

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A quick sketch of Dany I made the other night. I apologize for the slow activity on here. Moving into a new house has been rather hectic and more time consuming than I had originally planned ^^;
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My friend’s dad built this human bird nest at a resort called Treebones in Big Sur. It is truly wonderful and it overlooks the ocean :)

June 30 2017

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Three of five. An asshole half brother. 
Ngl I’m enjoying the auburn hair. Might bring it onto Malich’s other form … 


New meme






Different wordings of ‘really makes you think’

Really activates the almonds

Really moves the ol’ grey matter

Really gets those gears turning

Really gets the noggin’ joggin’




me to the demon in the corner of my room: ain’t u got shit to do

Demon to me: I could ask you the same thing

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GUYS, there is an enhanced vinyl version of Studiopolis JUST uploaded by Tee Lopes! Take a listen!

They somehow managed to make a perfect song sound even more perfect.


June 29 2017

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sometimes when I’m angry or stressed or sad I think about whales just swimming around in the ocean, doing whale shit. like, they’re the biggest goddamn mammals on the planet. they don’t have time for little problems. there’s too much chill-ass whale shit to do.

basically what I am saying is that whales are my happy place.

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